Recycled Clothing in Austin TX

What Women Want Recycled Clothing in Austin Texas

Importance of Recycling Clothing Instead of Filling Up Landfills

Austin, TX-

Reduce, reuse and recycle’ – This is something we have heard since we were kids.  Somehow, though we forget about the importance of following this line when it comes to our clothes. For some reason we tend to  keep them hanging in our closets or over stuffed drawers until  we finally get fed up and throw them out.  The problem is  a majority of these items end up in our landfills . Every year in North America alone, approximately fourteen million tons of textile waste is generated and dumped in landfills. Approximately 7% of the landfill production is comprised of textile waste, which is quite a significant figure. 

What is sad about the textile waste that gets dumped in landfills is that about 90% of it can be recycled! While the recycling industry does its best to ensure that these textile wastes are recycled, it would of course be a great help if individuals themselves take the initiative to recycle their clothes. 

Clothes that are no longer wearable can be recycled into useful items around the house.   For instance, cotton t-shirts can be cut up and converted into rags for cleaning your house or your car. This saves money on buying rags while putting to use that ugly tee shirt you bought in a moment of weakness at the clearance rack.  If your crafty, you can re-purposed them into quilts, mitts, hats, cloth bags and so on.  

Waste not, want not’ – there is much truth in this saying.

Recycling Clothing at What Women Want is a great way to do your part for the economy and make cash on the side.  That prom dress you’ve had since 1990, the Sue Wong dress you love but are never going to wear again, even those favorite jeans that now give you a muffin top, they all need to be recycled for someone else to love.  Just think of all the space you will have in your drawers and closet once you finally make the decision to do it. One lady explained how she keeps her closets clean.  She hangs all of her hangers the same direction at the beginning of the year.  When she wears an item, she switches the direction of the hanger.  At the end of the year, she gets rid of any item that has not had the hanger switched.  While most of us aren’t that organized, (most of us are lucky if we hang it up much less worry about what direction its hung),  it is a great idea.    By doing our part we can make planet Earth a better place by preventing clothing and textiles from being dumped into our landfills. If we all do this we can make a positive impact on our environment.

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